Nietzsche’s Hammer

This is part book report and part ‘what I learned’ while reading Friedrich Nietzsche’s book Twilight of the Idols. You'll see references represented by chapter acronyms throughout (see list in the references section near the bottom). The subtitle is illustrative of the subject of the book: How to Philosophize With a Hammer. It is a … Continue reading Nietzsche’s Hammer

Genetics and Mormon Homosexuality

I received my genetic report from Nebula this past week. I was underwhelmed with the ancestor report. But how would it be anything other than 100% Northern and Central Europe? What I really liked was the repository of research publications on genomic discoveries and how my genes fit into those studies. There are 140 studies … Continue reading Genetics and Mormon Homosexuality

Mormon Theory of Evolution – My First Crack

The purpose of this post is to distribute a compilation of Latter-day Saint (Mormon) positions on organic evolution from the days it was introduced by Charles Darwin to the the present day. I can point to this topic as the one that began my faith transition out of Mormonism. As I read and compared what … Continue reading Mormon Theory of Evolution – My First Crack

Regret and Sadness for My 18 Year Old Self

What is the central difference between regret and sadness? In some ways regret involves sadness or disappointment over a lost opportunity or a choice made. Sadness involves a reaction to a condition that makes you sad. The ability of choosing otherwise is the difference. In my life, as I have transitioned value structures and studied … Continue reading Regret and Sadness for My 18 Year Old Self

Maintaining Order at the Expense of Relationships

In recently months it has become apparent that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has been shifting their ministry toward those that have doubts about the truthfulness of the church. Why are we seeing so many talks about how to handle doubt and concerns as it relates to difficult questions about church history? … Continue reading Maintaining Order at the Expense of Relationships